How to Make a Website With Html

To begin designing a web page you need an idea of what you are trying to show. Begin your web page on a piece of paper create thumb nails of how you would like it to look. Keep in mind colors, designs, pictures, boarders, headers, footers, and links. You do not have to be a artist for this just sketch down the idea it does not have to be perfect just express to you what you want. Once you have the rough draft sketched out you will need to create a folder usually on your desktop would be easy to remember. Name the folder for the project and place in it any pictures you may use, articles, or anything else off of your computer you want to place on your page. Now is when you will need your page builder. There are plenty of free page builders out there that will do everything you need. Your computer also has word pad it is a html editor although very basic and you will need lots of html knowledge. Netscape has a free editor it is easy to use, and quite powerful for a beginner. Now you have your page builder and it is open, lets start building the page. We would like to start with the background and work forward. How you want to do this is taking your sketch you made and make your page look like it. Did you have a solid color background or a photo. Different colors trigger different feeling in humans you can do a search for this to find the color of the mood you are trying to portray. You do not want to use colors that are to bright and would hurt the eyes to look at for long periods. Netscape does just about everything for you without having to know html but occasionally you may need some you can search Google or some where else and find all kinds of help for this subject. You will need to build tables and columns to organize your page how you originally wanted it to look. There are tools on Netscape to do all of this. Good luck and remember as with everything practice makes perfect. I hope this helps you.