Cutting the Landline

It’s time to cut your landline telephone service in the name of household cost control. Some families may be hesitant to rely solely on their mobile phones, but today’s technology has made it virtually painless to make the transition. Here’s how to sever ties with your landline. Hate talking on mobile phones? One reason people don’t cut their landlines is because they simply can’t stand using mobile phones. They’re small, awkward, and just plain uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. Pair your mobile phone with a landline telephone using Bluetooth and the problem goes away. Most mobile phones already have Bluetooth. You just need to purchase a Bluetooth-enabled landline phone and pair it to your mobile phone. Bluetooth-enabled landline phones can be found online and in local brick-and-mortar stores for as low as $30 – $40. There’s even a chance your current landline telephone already has Bluetooth and you don’t even know it. Pairing the phones allows you to use a standard landline telephone to answer and make calls using your mobile phone service. Upgrade your mobile plan if necessary Check your mobile plan to make sure you won’t overrun your mobile minutes each month. Estimate how much time you spend on your landline and add those minutes to your mobile bill to see if you need to increase your minutes. If you have a ‘friends and family’ plan, be sure to take advantage of it. If you spend 16 hours a month talking to your mother on your landline, put her in your calling circle and you won’t incur any additional minutes. Port your home number If you have a lot of people calling your home number, the smartest thing may be to port your home phone number to your mobile phone. Every mobile provider is familiar with this process and there’s even a law requiring them to comply. The first thing they will check is to make sure your landline and mobile numbers are from the same geographic area. This usually is not an issue, but there are exceptions that make the numbers non-portable. Assuming they are portable, it only takes 3 – 10 days to port your landline number to your mobile phone. You won’t even have to call your old landline provider to cancel the service. Your mobile provider takes care of that for you. In some cases you can cut your monthly telephone expenses in half. Considering the process is so easy, it’s something every family may want to consider.