Even Google directors must admire new feature from Apple
Mark Risher, Google’s Product Manager, reviews Apple’s login feature to make it safer for users to use the Internet. At the WWDC event held on June 13, Apple announced a new security tool called “Sign in with Apple” – an alternative to single sign-on services provided by Facebook and Google. Apple has aimed directly at rivals when asserting that users of free services also need to be respected for privacy. Mark Risher, Director of Google Product Management, was unhappy with the statement but still appreciated the new technology from Apple. “Through the release, Apple has more or less said that only products from the company are safe, while other services are wrong. I don’t like that”, Risher told The Verge in an interview. Risher said Google could make users worry when using an account login feature, especially when data security becomes a hot issue. Overall, Risher is better at using login services from Google or Apple than choosing random names and passwords: “To be honest, I think this technology is useful for the Internet and helps users be much safer”. “Sign in with Apple” allows users to use Apple ID to log in websites and applications, creating a fake, random email account to protect the user’s primary account. Apple’s rivals primarily use login services to collect user information, supporting targeted advertising sales. Apple’s revenue comes primarily from selling equipment and services.