The unique “retro-modern” BMW R NineT by British engineers
Auto Fabrica factory from England has just created the R NineT version inspired by the classic motorbike but is done by the most advanced 3D printing method. Since its launch in 2014, the BMW R nineT has always been chosen as the “platform” for many world-wide custom and mod. Since owning a style with a bit of classic features, the degrees of R nineT always follow the nostalgic direction, most notable is cafe racer and flat tracker. A UK-based workshop broke previous standards, turning the R NineT into a harmonious “retro-modern” work. Based on the R NineT Scrambler, Auto Fabrica factory has launched the Type 18. The R nineT Type 18 Prior to the R nineT Type 18, there were 2 degrees from the BMW with the number 18. Type 18 was created to commemorate the historical period of BMW associated with aviation. Therefore, in addition to the classic design, the essence is also attached with some details inspired by propeller aircraft. It is no coincidence that we called Type 18 a “retro-modern” work. All details on the car are made by metal forming machine and 3D printing – a classic method and a modern method. At first glance, we will see the Type 18 with a traditional cafe racer. However, the cafe racer style has been redrawn slightly with the east-long handle and the seat in a straight line. Therefore, the driver will almost lie out when driving this level, reminiscent of the driving posture of the flying car and the future Tron. With the aim of pushing back all limitations in design, the nature goes towards the nostalgic. The engineers started from sketches and 3D models before customizing the car in 2018. Overall, Type 18 owns the cafe racer style as mentioned at the beginning of the lesson. However, the car is fitted with aluminum bumpers at the top of the vehicle and the engine, which is reminiscent of the period associated with BMW’s aviation industry. In addition to reminiscent, these aluminum mound panels also act as wind blades in the front of the vehicle and the engine cover. R NineT’s Boxer 1,170 cc engine, which produces 110 horsepower, remains the same. The automaker only changed the black electrostatic tube steel exhaust system to match the tone with the overall Sapphire Black gloss. The seat is quite small but still has high quality Alcantara leather. All shock absorbers on Type 18 are plowed from superbike S1000RR with Maxton SD25 shock absorbers in the front and Maxton GP10 in the back. R nineT Type 18 is equipped with a Gauge Watch while 2 wheels are from the R nineT Racer and Brembo brake clamps. Based in the UK, Auto Fabrica workshop is established in 2013 by 2 Bujar brothers and Gazmend Muharremi. The two brothers of Muharremi created cafe racer and flat tracker on demand.



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