There are many different social media networks to choose. The most popular among them is Facebook. Facebook only let college students from Harvard use their services at first, they later let students from other Ivy League schools to use their services. And eventually, everyone else are allowed to use their services. It is at this time when Facebook slowly gain their popularity. Now, Facebook have at least 2 billion active users. This made them one of the most popular social media networks if they are not the most popular.

But because of their popularity, naturally someone will think that their default layouts or designs are poor. Facebook profile viewer are Facebook browsers that can browse and view Facebook and Facebook profiles. To some people, these viewers can offer them a better experience when using Facebook. Facebook private profile viewer are variants of these viewers. Unlike Facebook profile viewer, these viewers have more features and show you more than what Facebook let you see. Facebook private profile viewer also let you view private or hidden contents. For example, Facebook hidden pictures. For this reason, they are often used by Facebook stalker. However, you can use these viewers for security reasons. These viewers are not only example of third-party apps or services developed for Facebook.


Other example of third-party apps or services developed for Facebook are Facebook scanner. Like Facebook private profile viewer, these scanners can be used for security reasons. And similarly, they are also used by Facebook stalker. The reason for this is that these Facebook scanners can scan a Facebook profile for many things. From Facebook hidden pictures to other kind of hidden posts. They also scan a Facebook profile for other things such as privacy issues or security issues. There are reasons why these scanners are used by Facebook stalker or used for security reasons. But if you are just interest in their security features, you may not require to use Facebook scanner. This is because many of their security features are also offered by Facebook services. In fact, it is recommended to use these features after you done registering your Facebook accounts.   After you registered your Facebook account, you will be taken to your new feeds where you can see news about your Facebook friends and other news from media. This is also where you can post things to your Facebook. By default, everything you post can be viewed by anyone. But if you change privacy settings to your posts, they are not as easy to view and are restricted to certain people can view them or just you. Once this happen, tools mentioned above may needed to view them without permissions. However, tools that can actually do this are incredibly rare. Most of the time, you will only find and get the outdated and no longer functional one if you just use search engine to find them. In fact, you might need some assistance when it comes to find which tools that can actually circumventing Facebook privacy settings.